Dr Paul Allin

About the author

Dr Paul Allin grew up in Africa after attending boarding school from a very young age.  After leaving school he completed his compulsory national service in the Rhodesian Army before studying at the University of Rhodesia where he graduated as a doctor in 1981.  He worked at Wankie Colliery near Victoria Falls before moving to South Africa to work in a trauma hospital in the South African Gold Mining Industry.

He eventually became a health service manager before emigrating to Australia in 2000.  Dr Allin is married to Anneliese and they have two daughters.  He still works as a general practitioner in the Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia.

Moved into the base camp area at about 5:30pm. We were snivelling in through unused tracks. Very thick bush. Decided that to do an attack would be foolhardy with the sun in our eyes and no support from the sticks and casevac. So we moved about 400m back into a thickly overgrown area. No eating, talking, smoking and no bivvies. There were some very fresh gook tracks on the path 10m away...

Entry from war diary - Drink The Good Wine Now